Designing Your Dream Home


Okay – are we ready to start construction of our new home now?


Have you already selected your house plan?

Will it fit on your land or lot you selected?

Have you decided on the type of material for the exterior?


You might want to talk to your insurance company first. 

Why?  Well, the cost for homeowner’s insurance in the country can be extremely high. It is determined by a number of things in our state and you might want to find out if the same things apply where you’re planning to build. Our rate went up considerably when we found out that our "Volunteer" Fire Department wasn’t recognized by the State Insurance Board. It seems that our "volunteer" fire department does not have a 24 hour/7 day phone system. They also do not have "monthly" meetings that the volunteers are required to attend. Both of these are requirements for them to be recognized as a "Fire Department" in our state.

Also, we now know that because our house has a composition roof with wood exterior, our insurance premium is about as high as it can get and continues to increase each year. If we had used a metal or tile roof, we may have gotten a discount on our insurance. A brick exterior would have made a big difference.

There are other things taken into consideration also, such as the distance to the nearest fire hydrant, availability of water (such as a swimming pool, lake or pond) close to the home. Most of the above never crossed our mind until we were ready to close and had to show proof of insurance.

Punch! Professional Home Design


So…..are you ready to decide what your dream home will look like?

If you don’t have a set of plans but just have some ideas, draw them out on a sheet of graph paper. Nothing elaborate, just something to hold your ideas together so they don’t scatter to the winds.

There are house plans everywhere. The magazine racks are full of them and they are in every shape and size. Take plenty of time to make this decision as it will be difficult to change after construction has started. Oh, you can move a door or a window pretty easily but you can’t decide to build a two story if your original plan was for a ranch style. Look around the countryside too. You don’t have to build a house just like someone else but you can get ideas from almost every house on the road.

During this period of research, you might also look into the possibility of kit homes. There are hundreds on the market and if you happen to want a log home, this is the best way to go  unless you’re building a home somewhere in the Northwest where logs are plentiful. There are also many companies that will build just the shell on your site and you take it from there. I have collected links throughout the web for some of the kit manufacturers. Take a look at what they offer and do some comparison shopping before making a selection.

Okay! Are we ready to order our first load of lumber?

Not quite! We have one more step to complete first – click on Interim Financing.





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