Construction of Our Log Home 

On this page we will detail the construction of our new log home. A construction crew from Satterwhite Log Homes in Longview, TX will erect the house and get it in the dry.  At that time, we will take over and complete the interior.

Update 29 February 2008 - This will be the final update for the exterior.  Troy Bass Roofing installed our metal roof on the 20th and it looks great. Click Here to see a video. The fireplace installer was back on the 28th and completed the chimney for the fireplace which was the final effort for completion of the exterior shell. We now start on the interior.

Update 19 February 2008 - Sorry for the delay between updates but the weather has been so bad here in North Texas that progress has been very slow.  

Russell Jones' crew completed the sealing, staining, and clear coat on the 5th.  I must say they did a fabulous job - the outside is beautiful. Two days later the rain started and we have only had a few short breaks from the rain since.

frontpostview.jpg (168102 bytes) 

Ken's Heating & Air Conditioning completed the first phase of their installation on the 7th. This included running all of the duct work through the attic area with an opening into each room.

HVACduct11.jpg (151610 bytes)

HVACcloset.jpg (116843 bytes)

The pre-fab for our fireplace had to be completed by the 14th so I made a run to the local hardware/lumber store and picked up cement blocks (haydite blocks) for the fireplace to sit on and to form the hearth. I then completed the wood framework for the fireplace.  The framework to enclose the chimney will be completed after the pipe has been installed.

The fireplace was installed on the 14th but the installer did not want to cut a hole in our roof until the metal was on so he could seal the opening after installing the chimney and bonnet. He will come back and finish the install when the roof has been completed.

fireplacefull.jpg (90448 bytes) fireplace1.jpg (92037 bytes) chimney.jpg (80424 bytes)

Our plumber was scheduled for the 6th but could not make it until the 13th due to being hospitalized with the flu. But he was here on the 13th and completed his phase 2 of the plumbing.

kitchenplumbing.jpg (129345 bytes) atticplumbing.jpg (145477 bytes) utilityplumbing.jpg (145333 bytes)
showerplumbing.jpg (71349 bytes) vanityplumbing.jpg (113246 bytes)

Harold Keller was also delayed a week due to the manufacturer not completing the custom windows for the East gable end. These were installed on the 15th and they are great. 

eastwindows2.jpg (110107 bytes)

eastwindows.jpg (108798 bytes)

We are still waiting for our metal roof, weather has been a major factor here as well as the delay in receiving the material from the dealer. The crew is scheduled to start tomorrow, but guess what - the weatherman is predicting rain.  We received 4 inches of rain between the 10th and 17th so all of the ponds are overflowing and the ground is completely saturated.

raining.jpg (97485 bytes)

Update 4 February 2008 - Before we move on to the interior of the house, there are a few things that need to be completed.  

Russell Jones' crew will be taking care of finishing the exterior walls. The men arrived today and started cleaning and preparing the logs for stain.  Because the construction crew was careful when erecting the logs, there was a minimal amount of cleaning and they were able to get a stain coat on the logs.  The process for preparing, sealing, staining, and clear coating the logs is very precise.  The western cedar used on the house has a different process for finishing. 

Our plumber, John Rowe, will be here Wednesday to complete phase 2 of the plumbing (running pipes for water through walls and ceilings, etc). I will post pictures of this before the walls are closed up.

We also anticipate our HVAC company, Ken's Heating & Air will be onsite sometime this week to do their preliminary install including ducts.

We are patiently waiting for our special windows for the east end of the house.  They are the only areas open to the weather and Mr. Keller is hoping to have them by Thursday and will install them on Friday.

Our metal roof material has been ordered but will not be here for another week so we are hoping that the weather is nice until our roof can be installed. 

You can see videos of the inside of the shell by clicking here

Update 30 January 2008 - This update will cover the 29th and today.  The crew finished up this morning and headed home.  However, yesterday was another terrible weather day.  There are a couple of videos below to give you an idea of the battles the crew fought with the wind.  The weather bureau stated that winds were gusting to 50 and 60 mph.  It was a battle between Mother Nature and the Satterwhite crew to keep our felt on the roof decking.  They solved the problem by attaching 2x4's on the edge to keep the felt in place.  Because so much time was spent fighting the wind, the crew missed their completion time and had to return this morning for a few final items and to clean up inside and gather their tools. Check out the photos below.  I will have video of the inside tomorrow.

Eastfront.jpg (117772 bytes) EastEnd.jpg (111917 bytes) EastBack.jpg (116775 bytes)
Westfront.jpg (136493 bytes) WestEnd.jpg (115629 bytes) The links below will take you to 2  separate videos.

Video #1   Video#2


Update 28 January 2008 - Sorry for missing the update yesterday but this will catch you up on our progress.  The roof is ready for the metal.  Will now wait until the roofing contractor can work us into his schedule. He also orders the metal panels pre-cut to the length needed and there is a short wait time for the delivery.  We have the west gable wall completed except for a little trim and the east gable has been framed and is ready for the cedar.  Our doors and windows arrived today and the crew wasted no time at all installing the windows.  The contractor is working on the half-log stairs and advised they should be completely finished with the house by tomorrow evening.

Here are some pictures of the progress.  There are also two videos.

SEcorner.jpg (143541 bytes) KUBinside.jpg (146761 bytes) insideloft.jpg (153045 bytes)
Eastgable.jpg (129478 bytes) Westgable.jpg (136456 bytes) The links below will take you to 2  separate videos.

Video #1   Video#2


Update 26 January 2008 - There was no update yesterday because the weather finally got bad enough to stop the crew.  We had freezing rain all day and today the entire place is one big mud hole.  The crew was back this morning at daybreak and have made quite a bit of progress today.  We now have our loft framed in and the subfloor is down. The front porch is complete with decking and the back porch is almost completed.  The overhang on the west gable end has been framed. Western red cedar is absolutely beautiful and that is what was used for my porch rafters and the overhang on the gable. Here are a few pictures.  The videos will open in a new window.

logpile.jpg (193396 bytes) porchposts.jpg (109699 bytes) porchdecking1.jpg (156665 bytes)
These posts were harvested several years ago on our other property and have been stacked for air drying for about 8 years. loftframe1.jpg (171971 bytes) The links below will take you to 3 separate videos.

Video #1   Video#2  

Video #3

Update 24 January 2008 - What a difference a day makes! - In just 24 hours, the crew has completed all of the log walls, interior partitions, and erected the trusses.  Buddy Edney has one fast working crew.  No standing around gabbing or trying to figure out what comes next.  It's real obvious that they have built a "lot" of log homes.  The photos below will give you a good look at the work accomplished.  Let me explain the black walls though.  This is heavy black plastic and is being used to protect my new logs from weather and sun until the sealer, stain, and clear coat can be applied.  

We are having miserable weather this week.  Today's high was only in the upper 40's and tonight we are expecting a winter storm with freezing rain, sleet, etc.  The high tomorrow is not predicted to reach 40 but the crew will be on the job anyway.  Also, if you click on the video links now, a new window will open for them to be viewed.  

ThursAM.jpg (145657 bytes) ThursNoon.jpg (163684 bytes) Thurs2PM.jpg (145864 bytes)
Thurs5PM.jpg (150283 bytes) Thurs5PM2.jpg (144535 bytes) The links below will take you to 3 separate videos.

Video #1  Video #2

Video #3

Update 23 January 2008 - Wow - our house is really taking shape.  The crew arrived at 7am (barely daylight here) and worked till dark (almost 6pm).  The weather was a little better (not as much wind) but the temperature still hovered around 40o.  The temperature is going to remain in the 40's tomorrow with a winter mix predicted for Friday.  Our contractor said that wouldn't stop them.  Below are a few pictures from today.  The first one was taken as soon as it was light enough this morning to show how much they accomplished the day before.  I'll have to do the same tomorrow morning since they worked until dark.

I'll also try to take a video of them raising the trusses tomorrow and get it posted.

WedAM.jpg (126705 bytes) Wed3pm.jpg (107085 bytes)
Wed3pmfront1.jpg (122980 bytes) Wed3pmEast.jpg (129376 bytes)

Update 22 January 2008 - Our construction crew arrived about mid-morning and got right to work.  Our temperature did not reach 40o all day so the crew worked in insulated coveralls, with caps and gloves.  Really was a miserable day to start but it didn't stop them or even slow them down.  Below are some pictures of the day unfolding along with a short video.  It was too dark by the time the crew quit for me to get another picture to show their final progress but I will post one tomorrow.  Come back to see how fast it goes up!

Update 21 January 2008 - The first two loads of material arrived this morning.  There's not much to see in the pictures below but I wanted everyone to see that we actually are ready for the construction crew to arrive tomorrow morning.  I will post a short video of their progress tomorrow night.

SWload1.jpg (101624 bytes) SWload2.jpg (180442 bytes) stack1.jpg (177335 bytes)


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